Updated  Metrics

Weekly Update:

Each week, we look at the Oregon Reopening Metrics Dashboard to determine if/when we can return to on-site instruction in a Hybrid model. State data for Oregon and Lane County has been updated based on the last 14-day period (2/21-3/6).  The data link for Lane County is attached below this message. Based on this data; The absolute case count is 92.3 cases; The positivity rate is 1.8%. This is a decrease in cases over the previous two week period. Lane county at this time falls in the On-Site and Hybrid Transition Model (Yellow) zone. 

What does this mean? 

This continues to be excellent news for Lane County and our schools!

Under the new metrics, here, we are approaching the Green Zone. We will continue to return our students to Hybrid learning.  Those who chose to continue with online learning may do so. 

For more information on case counts or test positivity, please go to: https://www.wesd.org/Page/1282