OSD Update


Each week, we look at the Oregon Reopening Metrics Dashboard to determine if/when we can return to on-site instruction in a Hybrid model. Lane County data for the most recent  14-day period (11/22/20 - 12/5/20) is attached below. Unfortunately the data is headed in the wrong direction with the absolute case count increasing to 291 cases; the positivity rate rising to 4.0%. We are concerned by the county increase in case counts last week. Lane County is still well above the case count required to reopen in hybrid learning on-site.

What does this mean? OSD will remain in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) with Limited In-Person Instruction.

Our next review will take place after Winter Break on January 4th based on the data from 12/20 - 1/3.  This information will help to determine if we can begin bringing students to school in hybrid learning. If the data is not satisfactory for safe return, Oakridge schools will remain in CDL until our county meets required case counts and test positivity rates to reopen under current state guidelines. 

The link for those guidelines are here: Metrics Document

For more information on case counts or test positivity, please go to: https://www.wesd.org/Page/1282

I would love to promise specific dates for bringing our kids back to school – I know we are all anxious to have students return to school in person. The metrics don’t support a full reopening at this time and will dictate how and when we return to school so we can do it the safest way possible.  

In the meantime, we are figuring out ways to get as much in person learning in as possible.  In addition as we are onsite teaching and learning we continue to learn and practice the protocols that will help keep everyone safe.  Implementing protocols such as; masking up, social distancing, hand washing, navigating in the school and classrooms, under these new conditions takes time and practice.  It takes time for staff and students to adjust to and learn the protocols outlined in our Ready Schools, Safe Learners Plans.

For the best learning environment, our students need to be physically present in school. Until we are able to do that, we continue to operate Limited In Person Instruction (LIPI) while in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).  This is done in small cohorts of 10 students for no more than 2 hours per day.  LIPI provides the opportunity for our staff to provide much needed support for our most vulnerable learners.  

Currently we have teachers and assistants who are onsite meeting with our students to provide limited in person support, while other staff are doing so while working at home through online formats. All teachers are providing classroom connections with direct instruction and supporting student work in our Acellus online learning program.  

A huge, “Thank You” to all OSD staff for the work they are doing for our children.  This includes our teachers, instructional assistants, food service staff,( many of them are instructional assistants) and district support staff, who are helping to prepare and deliver hundreds of meals a day.  The Youth In Transition Coordinator is arranging distribution of food boxes for our students.  Custodians and grounds and maintenance staff are working diligently to clean, sanitize, and maintain our schools to keep everything safe for our students and staff.  A call out also to our school office support staff and administrators who keep things going every day.  Thank you All!