Oregon Help Desk

What is the Oregon Help Desk?

Support for technology equals support for learning, especially in 2020 as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and comprehensive distance learning. The Oregon Help Desk provides support for technology to students and families on evenings and weekends during the school year.

Our help desk team includes educators and volunteers who provide support:

  • weeknights from 6-10pm
  • weekends from 4-8 pm
  • in English and Spanish languages for Fall 2020, with more languages being added by winter
  • in five modes: phone, FB Messenger, text messages, web chat, and email

Who is the Oregon Help Desk?

This is a collaborative project of Oregon’s K-12 school districts and education service districts (ESDs).  We have a governance council that includes district administrators and technology leadership from across the state.

For questions about this project, please email Rachel Wente-Chaney, CIO at High Desert Education Service District: rachel.wente-chaney@hdesd.org