Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Awarded to Oakridge School District

The Oakridge School District has been awarded a Seismic Rehabilitation Grant to retrofit  the Oakridge High School gymnasium and auditorium.

The Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program is a state of Oregon competitive grant program that provides funding for the seismic rehabilitation of critical public buildings, particularly public schools and emergency services facilities. It is one of the infrastructure programs Business Oregon administers to help develop livable and prosperous communities in addition to business development services and programs.

Public K-12 school districts, community colleges, and education service districts are eligible for the grant program. For emergency services facilities, the emphasis is on first responder buildings. This includes: hospital buildings with acute inpatient care facilities, fire stations, police stations, sheriff's offices, 9-1-1 centers, and Emergency Operations Centers.

The Oakridge School District would like to thank ZCS Engineering and Architecture, Pivot Architecture, and McKenzie Commercial for assisting in the grant process. 

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