March 13, 2023 Board Meeting

March 13, 2023 Board Meeting 6pm Agenda

Oakridge Board of Directors
March 13, 2023
Regular Meeting
6:00 p.m.
Regular School Board Meeting In-Person or Virtual
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1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Changes or additions to the Agenda
3. Action Items
3.1 Consent Agenda (Action)
4. Announcements/Correspondence
5. Information/Reports
5.1 Robotic Club presentation Dr. Chad Harrison
5.2 CTE presentation Shareen Vogel/John Stapleton
5.2 Superintendent’s Report Superintendent Doland
5.3 OES Report Principal Maher
5.4 OJSH Report Principal McGrath
6. New Business
6.1 Resolution No. 23-05 – Adjustment of Budgeted Appropriations
6.2 Policy (1st Read)
• GBEA - Workplace
• GCDA/GDDA-AR – Criminal Records Checks and Fingerprinting
• IGBB – Talented and Gifted Program and/or Services
• IGBBA – Talented and Gifted Student – Identification
• IGBAF – Special Education – Individualized Education Program (IEP)
• IK – Academic Achievement
• JHCD/JHCDA – Medications
• IGBBC – Talented and Gifted – Programs and Services – [Delete]
• IGBPC – AR – Complaints regarding the Talented and Gifted Program [Delete]
6.3 Book Study Discussion Chapter 3 (continued) Susan Hardy Public Comment
(Personnel complaints will not be heard at Regular Board Meetings. Individuals with concerns regarding personnel should follow the Complaint Procedure Policy. Complaint information is available on the District website.)
7. Next Meetings
• Regular Board Meeting April 10, 2023 6:00pm
8. Adjourn
The Board of Director meetings of Oakridge School District are held in accordance with Open Meeting Laws and with accessibility requirements. If an individual with a disability needs assistance in order to attend or participate in a meeting or discuss a matter with the superintendent, please call the district office at 782-2813. Posted: 3/9/2023