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Oakridge School District

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The easiest method to reach one of our school or administrators is via email. Below you will find the contact email and phone numbers to the respective offices for the school district:

District Office

Superintendent Reta Doland

Business Manager Peggy Mahla

District Confidential Secretary Lori McMahon

Payroll Jayme Martin

Attendance Intervention Specialist Mark Osborn

Technology Services Gerald McCool

Athletic Director Tony Hammock

Voice: (541)782-2813

Fax:    (541)782-2982

76499 Rose St, Oakridge, OR 97463

Oakridge Junior/Senior High School

Principal Greg Chapman

Office Secretary Shelia Keller

Office Secretary Andrea Bray

Voice: (541)782-2231

Fax:    (541)782-4692

47997 W 1st St, Oakridge, OR 97463

Oakridge Elementary School

Principal Peter Iten

Office Secretary Jennifer Bacus

Office Secretary Danielle McNair

Voice: (541)782-3226

Fax:    (541)782-3122

48119 E 1st St, Oakridge, OR 97463

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Oakridge School District
76499 Rose St.
Oakridge, Oregon 97463
Voice: (541) 782-2813
Fax: (541) 782-2982